Built on Cardano
Stunning 5K Resolution Algorithmically Generated Flow Field Art
Built on Cardano
Stunning 5K Resolution Algorithmically Generated Flow Field Art
Current State
Cardano Flow is currently minting our series of CNFTs.

This means all NFT images are uploaded to IPFS and propagating, metadata is linked to the NFTs, and final inspection of the metadata templates is complete!
Future State
Development on the Cardano Flow website

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Mint Royalty Token: Planned for mid-July.

Final Preparations for mint launch: Complete prior to August 1.

Minting: Ongoing
As we built this project we realized that we wanted to do some things a little different than we've seen done in any other project.

Over the past two years involved in the Cardano ecosystem we've been impressed by the openness and sharing nature of the community, and especially by the stake pool operators (SPO).

Many of the SPOs are fully dedicated to educating, engaging in critical dialog, and generally giving back to the community at large.

Due to this, we have committed to supporting the decentralization of Cardano and these small SPOs.

We have committed to donate 10% of any earnings to two projects, at 5% each.

We are looking for one to be specifically a wSTEM program and the other to be a program that concentrates on providing opportunities for under represented developers.

We are open to reasonable suggestions in either of these categories, although we will likely wait until the minting has started until we really focus on this.

Recommendations can be sent by DM to our Twitter @CardanoFlow.

Ideally, we would like the sponsored programs to support receiving in $ADA for better transparency. But this isn't a strict requirement.

We have committed to donate 5% of any earnings to the Ukraine Emergency Response Fund, along with Input Output Global.

One of our partners is a veteran and we're both human. This cause is close to our hearts and hope that we can aid slightly in repairing the country of Ukraine from the prolonged war.

We will be donating $ADA through this website:
The Giving Block

We will make an announcement when we do this, so it can be verified.
We have committed to support two small stake pools on Cardano by commiting 50% of any earnings to their pools for a period of no less 73 epochs (one year).

This means 25% to each pool.

We have begun counting the 73 epochs on November 2, 2022.

These two pools have already been selected for a variety of reasons.

Primarily we looked at overall presence, observable impact, and loyalty.

While these are somewhat subjective measurements, the main goal was to find what we consider to be two well-deserving pools that in our assessment ought to be more supported than they are. Again, subjective.

We wholeheartedly embrace the Cardano spirit of decentralization, and this commitment is hopefully a small step to aid in this effort.

For transparency, we created two wallets and delegated to the pools ahead of the minting event.
If you don't have a Cardano delegation pool home now, please consider one of these or any small, verified single stake pool operator.
Valhalla Pool
Cardano pool protected by Viking gods
Valhalla Pool (VLHLA)
Huat Pool
Safe, secure and fast. Let's Huat together, one block a time! (新加坡 卡尔达诺 权益池 代号發)
Huat Pool (HUAT)
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