Cardano Flow
Built on Cardano
Stunning 5K Resolution Algorithmically Generated Flow Field Art
Cardano Flow
Built on Cardano
Stunning 5K Resolution Algorithmically Generated Flow Field Art
Minting Event
Utilizing NMKR Studio and NMKR Pay
We are enthusiasts.

Of blockchain technology and the many applications it can be used for.

Of Cardano and the way it is created and built, and also why it is built and the vision it offers to the future.

Of art and the many possibilities that non-fungible tokens can be used to support creativity.

We strive to do good for the Cardano community and for the ecosystem.
Genesis Idea
We have spent some time building and working with blockchain development.

It seemed time to take a side project live and introduce our fascination with algorithmically generated flow art to the Cardano community.

We were inspired in part by someone who saw the early images that we designed for fun and urged us to build a project for them.

Out of that, our project was imagined and then realized.
As we built this project we realized that we wanted to do some things a little different than we've seen done in any other project.

Over the past two years involved in the Cardano ecosystem we've been impressed by the openness and sharing nature of the community, and especially by the stake pool operators (SPO).

Many of the SPOs are fully dedicated to educating, engaging in critical dialog, and generally giving back to the community at large.

Due to this, we have committed to supporting the decentralization of Cardano and these small SPOs.
Specifically, we are committing to hold 40% of our earnings from this project in wallets delegated to two stake pools who are small (<1M $ADA delegated), lucky, and helpful to both the Cardano community and their own IRL communities.

We have selected the Valhalla Pool (VLHLA) and Huat Pool (HUAT).

We have set up wallets to delegate to these pools (20% each) and will commit our earnings to them for a period of no less 73 epochs (1 year).

This will start either when 50% of the NFTs are minted or 3 months after launch, whichever occurs earlier.
Cardano pool protected by Viking gods
Valhalla Pool (VLHLA)
Safe, secure and fast. Let's Huat together, one block a time! (新加坡 卡尔达诺 权益池 代号發)
Huat Pool (HUAT)
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