The Art
Built on Cardano
Stunning 5K Resolution Algorithmically Generated Flow Field Art
The Art
Built on Cardano
Stunning 5K Resolution Algorithmically Generated Flow Field Art
Our art grew out of a fascination with how computers can generate various images on their own with just a little bit of help in determining what they should do.

The flow fields represented in our work are the result of a few elements that form together in unique images.

We thought that such art should be beautiful in almost any setting. So, we chose a true 5K resolution at 5120x2880 pixels.

You can use these on almost any device as a background (even a large TV) or print them to display wherever you'd like. Of course, the possibilities are up to you since you'll own the original art.

We think they're really incredible and we hope you do, too.
Reading the Data

Each piece in our CNFT collection starts with a few instructions on what we want it to do.

The basic elements are:
  • Hue Angle
  • Line Density
  • Random Generated Seed
Hue Angle
The hue angle is an angle of color represented between 0 and 360.

So a 90* angle might present as more yellow, and a 0*,360* angle might present more red.
Line Density
The line density determines how much space is given between each drawn line. In our pieces the density ranges from 0.01 (less dense) and 0.0001 (most dense).
Random Seed
Randomly generated seeds apply to the shape the flow field makes.

This includes things like what position the main branch enters from, how many branches are formed, and the overall motion of the flow field. That is, does it travel in more of a straight line or does it have a more tortuous path.
Additionally, the program generates a high volume of computer noise to further insert randomness as the pattern evolves.

This also ensures that even with the same hue angle, density, and seed the images are virtually impossible to recreate.
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