Cardano Flow
Built on Cardano
Stunning 5K Resolution Algorithmically Generated Flow Field Art
24k Series
Built on Cardano
Stunning 5K Resolution Algorithmically Generated Flow Field Art
Something Special
As our project developed we decided that we wanted to have a special offering within the art.

We tooled around with different unique variants and had some come out pretty nice.

However, when we saw the visual impact of the gold ink set on a black background we knew this was the right set to offer.
Extraordinary Measures
Even when we settled on the right ink colors to draw with, we were still not convinced the resulting art was special enough.

We needed more lines. More curves. More details.

After several attempts, we ended up realizing that the only way to do this was to double pixel size of the images. To an enormous 10240x5760. We reduce this back to 5K res, while being careful to maintain image quality.

This allowed the writer to have more time to draw and calculate the image build.
We also drew this in a unique line density (for this project) at 0.0005 which isn't represented elsewhere in our project.

Both the pixel size drawn and the density of the lines made for deeply complex art.

It also made tremendously large files.

Each one of the 24k Series takes around 3 hours to draw and render, even with a top tier graphics card.

They are truly a remarkable single ink piece of art, and we hope that those fortunate enough to grab one enjoy it.
Rare and Beautiful
There are only 100 pieces included in the 24k Series, out of the total 9,999 CNFTs.

Rather than holding a separate project for them, we have decided to run them in the same project and allow the random minting to determine when they are produced and distributed.

Happy minting!
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